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What Clients Say

“I loved working with IBFS. I had looked at over five other places in order to try and get a loan and was getting discouraged. Then I gave IBFS a call. They were extremely helpful and gave me good, positive advice from the beginning. Everyone that I worked with was very responsive, followed up quickly, and thoroughly answered all of my questions throughout the process. All of these qualities are critical when trying to obtain a loan, and IBFS understands that. While they’re great at what they do professionally, I also loved working with IBFS because of how friendly and considerate they are. I would recommend IBFS to anyone looking to procure a loan and grow their small business.”

Vicky Medina, Ultimate Granite

“I had a need but didn’t know how to address the questions necessary in order to take the next steps to grow my business. What IBFS really excels in is helping the small business person understand and evaluate the data to then help fulfill a growth opportunity. They took my dream and the corresponding business information and put it into a package that I could sell. IBFS’s help throughout the entire process allowed me to achieve the goals and dream I had for my small business.”

Terry Atwater, Enova Investments, LLC

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