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Our Background

For over 40 years, IBFS has helped small businesses in Illinois secure financing through commercial lending to purchase real estate, buildings, and capital equipment. We help entrepreneurs develop business dreams into realities, helping small businesses grow while also creating jobs and opportunities.

We are dedicated to helping you by providing the resources your small business needs to grow.

Illinois Business Financial Services (IBFS), based in Peoria, IL, is a Certified Development Company (CDC) that operates the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) “504 Loan Program” and other economic development programs in the State of Illinois.


The 504 Loan Program is designed to help small businesses secure funding for real estate and heavy equipment to start-up or expand their businesses. IBFS’ Vision is to drive long-lasting financial change in the economically underserved communities of Illinois, and its mission is to partner with lenders to provide long-term, lower-rate financing options through the SBA 504 loan program in Illinois.

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